Maximiliano Mills divides his life between his birth city, Viña del Mar, the Andes mountain range and the Lighthouse, which he personally built over a cliff in a coastal area of Chile and where he lives as an anchorite.


He is one of the founders of magazines Surfeando and Nauta, and developed his career as a travel journalist/photographer for nature and adventure magazines during the early 1990s (he is also a pioneer in Chilean professional surf photography). His interviews with worldwide renowned figures set him apart as a refined soul explorer. After his itinerant photographic exhibition The Waves that look up to the Sky opened – filled with poems and images of Easter Island – he was appointed in the mid 90s as the first Chilean licensee from the Australian company Rip Curl. At the end of that decade he founded Meteocean, a consulting company specializing in weather forecasts. In the early days of the new millennium he acquired the Valdemadera winery, located in the Melozal valley, which led to him becoming involved in the wine industry for a few years.


His other passions are diving, films and sailing. He is also musically omnivorous, a seaquake scholar and an analyst of airplane accidents. He is currently dedicated to writing. He occasionally puts together kinetic sculptures or may imprint his thoughts in the form of abstract painting. He is also a philanthropist, a die-hard traveler, preserver of water and a staunch promoter of clean energies that come from the wind, the sun and the ocean tides.


As a devoted movie buff, he has had the valuable opportunity of working as an assistant logistics/producer for the movies Natural Born Skiers, Blue Horizon and Step Into Liquid. His future projects include the publication of books across several genres, including two compilations: one with his poems and another with his photographs of Easter Island. In parallel, he is already drawing up the screenplay for a documentary about happiness and he expects to take some of his short stories to celluloid: a satirical comedy about reincarnation and a science-fiction story about the Genome project. Since mid-2012 is the creator of the film column “Cine Paralelo” in Tell magazine.


In the year 2005 his photo was chosen for the cover of the book Let my People go Surfing – an autobiography by the founder of Patagonia, Yvon Chouinard. In 2007, he was named by the British magazine The Surfer’s Path as one of the most influential thinkers for his description of life connected to the sea. In 2009 he was invited to participate as a coauthor in the book Connect! Marketing in the Social Media Era. In 2014 he was interviewed for the historical documentary about the birth of Chilean surf “Viejo Perro”.


Currently he sleeps in a Selk’bag and sitting in a Wanco, writes in a driftwood plank used as desk (left in the Lighthouse by the tsunami sent from Japan to Chile). The passions that are still pending in his life are climbing Mount Aconcagua, achieving the ability of creating music with a guitar, learning to fly, practising the culture of detachment and driving a truck from Arica to Ushuaia...

Max Mills

Writer and inveterate nauta

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